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November 20, 2017
Latest company news about Jiunai is widely used on polyurethane spreading | scraper scraper |

Polyurethane coating scraper

Main features: solvent resistance, anti ultraviolet ink, wear resistance, long service life

Shape: flat mouth, sharp mouth, slanting mouth

Applications: screen printing, ceramic industry, glass industry, printing industry

Brand: Jiuna or unlicensed

Type: PU frictioning

Origin: Wuxi

Packaging: packaging film or packaging according to customer requirements

Price: electricity discussion

MOQ: 3M/ volume, Volume 20

Delivery time: within 1 weeks (you can call the online consultation if a spot, such as stock, generally the same day or second days can be shipped to the customer).

Polyurethane should brush frictioning (scraper), has oil resistance, solvent resistance, wear resistance, good flexibility and other advantages, the products are widely used in the printing industry, wood furniture manufacturing industry, glass industry, ceramic industry and so on.

Wuxi jiunai polyurethane products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is located in the Huishan District of Wuxi City Luoshe first Industrial Park No. 2, the company has the international advanced level of polyurethane products production line, the introduction of international advanced technology and testing, inspection equipment in production scale, production technology, detection equipment is developed. The production of polyurethane series of professional manufacturers. Products, has a strong R & D and innovation capacity.

The company mainly produces TPU extrusion products, smooth / rough round, three, five, six, seven angle belt, non-slip tape, scraping glue, seals, spring bar, plus wire core, wire and other non-standard shaped Extrusion products. Features and main properties are: easy bonding, good wear resistance, good tear resistance, bending strength, tensile strength and elongation at break, moderate temperature (-50 degrees to +85 degrees ), Adjustable hardness range (Shore 70A to 99A), oil resistance, corrosion resistance, solvent resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, environmental non-toxic smooth round belt, V-belt surface finish, bright color , Rough round surface with rough, uniform particles, feel comfortable. Products are mainly used in ceramics, textiles, tobacco, postal services, electronics, food and beverage processing, wood processing, paper processing, printing and packaging machinery, glass furnace, Sealing, sports, leisure and fitness industries, mainly from the transmission, transmission, Sealing, shock absorption, decoration and so on

CPU casting products, polyurethane casting parts, polyurethane roller, polyurethane rubber roller rubber, polyurethane rubber core package, with cover, roller, rubber roller, non-standard products, coating material for polyurethane, good wear resistance, anti punching, long service life, is mainly used in industrial machinery, hardware, electronics, printing and dyeing, transmission and other industries, according to map processing, small size error.

Companies adhering to the "quality for thousands of years, the good faith to win the world" business philosophy, to provide quality services for our customers. Wuxi jiunai recommended products of polyurethane products Co. Ltd: polyurethane PU round belt type V non-standard pieces of polyurethane rubber belt pattern with polyurethane polyurethane polyurethane cushion with polyurethane polyurethane polyurethane rubber rollers.

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