What are the main factors affecting degumming of polyurethane cot?

November 27, 2017
Latest company news about What are the main factors affecting degumming of polyurethane cot?

Polyurethane rubber roller

It has very high mechanical strength and wear resistance, good aging resistance and oil resistance. It is commonly used in paper making, chemical fiber, wood processing, plastic processing and other machinery

Prophase treatment

1, the surface cleaning of the roller core, removal of oil, lubricants and metal associated organic substances. The cleaning solution can be used as usual cleaning solvent or trichloroethylene

2, carefully remove the surface of the roller core rust or oxides. Commonly used in sandblasting on the carbon steel roll core, as recommended by the 80-100 mesh of aluminum alumina abrasive; roll core, suitable for wet spray treatment, 140-320 mesh abrasives, should use solvent to clean the surface residual dust. In order to obtain good bonding effect. Carbon steel roller core in the blasting within 4 hours after completion of bonding, aluminum roll core in 72 hours after the completion of the bond sandblasting processing.

3, seriously coated with suitable adhesives (such as NA-1, thixon422, etc.), coated with adhesive, roller core should be dried in dry air for 20 minutes, and at (90 + 10) C treatment for 1 hours, and then CPU operation

What are the main factors affecting the degumming of polyurethane cots?

Polyurethane rubber roller with colloid surface viscosity has enough, can ensure that the ink and ink rollers have good performance in the printing process, the good ink can ensure high quality printing. Polyurethane rollers in the use and choice, if not pay attention to maintenance or do not know how to choose the method, will cause the occurrence of polyurethane rubber roller degumming phenomenon. Today we analyse the influence factors of polyurethane rubber roller degumming are what:

1. choice of adhesive;

Treatment of 2. iron core;

3. the influence of mold and core temperature;

4. die design and die requirements;

5. effect of synthetic process;

6. the influence of pouring process

Therefore, in the process of transportation and storage of polyurethane rollers, should avoid direct sunlight, rain leaching, pressure impact, ban with acid, alkali, oil and organic solvent contact 1, and 2 m. And the distance from the heat storage (-10 ~ C-40 ~ C) cool air, relative humidity below 85 in the room do not. Close to the heat source or exposed to the cold air layer; not pressed. When storing rollers to rotate 180 degrees. Every half rubber parts using pre coated kraft paper or plastic film wrap, and then use the blankets and other packaging, do not put bare, avoid light.

Rubber parts are coated with kraft paper or plastic film, and then wrapped with blankets and so on. Don't put them naked and avoid light. Make sure that the roller neck is supported by the spacer, and don't support the rubber part

During storage, in order to prevent the deformation of rubber structure, rotating roller should be regular (half a rotation is appropriate), polyurethane non-standard parts purchase, do not use the rubber roller from the cold place, especially in the cold winter. If just from the warehouse and the rubber rollers, have broken the danger.

Polyurethane rollers should be gradually started to operate, uniform pressure, long-term preservation of cots, slightly grinding before use.

In use, such as roller surface wrinkles, cracks, should be removed promptly re polished, polyurethane rubber roller is stopped, can not bear the pressure. Wuxi jiunai recommended products of polyurethane products Co. Ltd: polyurethane PU round belt type V non-standard pieces of polyurethane rubber belt pattern with polyurethane polyurethane polyurethane cushion with polyurethane polyurethane rollers polyurethane rubber.

latest company news about What are the main factors affecting degumming of polyurethane cot?  0latest company news about What are the main factors affecting degumming of polyurethane cot?  1